Action Packed weekend

That third glass of wine just went down a little too easy..... Is that wrong for a Monday night, make that Tuesday morning! Perhaps not after my hectic weekend!

So Friday it was nearly a full days shoot with Ched53 - Design & Photography and the two lovelies, Model Camilla-Rose Helley and Stylist Claudia Falcieri Aliffe. The shoot took place in a very beautiful house and I am very much looking forward to seeing the images. 

Then it was a quick pack up and on the motorway for a meeting at the left eye blind office in Leeds for briefing about the character, make-up and story line for film project 2.8 day later which was to be filmed the next day.

Saturday - Filming day - One character to make up (Steve)

Character Profile - A sad, desperate and lonely man. I made the actor look sleep deprived, slightly aged and a little sad. 

It was a location shoot by the canal in Leeds and all the crew were fantastic to work with. Especially Pamala she was a real scream....... behind the scenes pictures to follow!! We even made a new found friend, our very own Mr Jingles. Very cute and I want to say 'she' for some reason seemed to very much enjoy the left over Tuna sandwich.

Can't wait to see the finished film :)

Sunday was face painting at Fairfield Manor in York and I thankfully managed to see the new Twilight Film...... A - MAZ - ING. I aspire to work on such fantastic films..... One day...... :) :)

My bed is now very much calling Zzzzzzzzzz