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November, actually make that December just!

I have some how managed to sail through the past six months without a single blog post!  However much I say to myself at the start of each year, ''you must update your news page Anna'' I hit the busy period, which in this case has seemingly lasted near on six months and the posts dwindle!  In a world of tweeting, pinning, snapping and so much more my cyber momentum is beginning to flag! I end up choosing my bed when I know I have a 5am call than sat till the wee hours squeezing in the blog posts!  I suppose there is the pro bloggers and the occasional bloggers and I know which box I fit in to.  Mental note to self (blog more!) 

So what's taken up so much of my time, well.......  I have been very fortunate to work on 89 weddings this year so far plus all of the trials to go along with all of those weddings, it will be awesome if I can hit 100 weddings for 2014!  

I have also worked on some really exciting assignments this year, one of my favourites been Allure Bridal Fashion show, that was like heaven, been able to swoon over all those beautiful gowns, I also styled hair and make-up for Lamb 1887's a/w 14 campaign and s/s 15 campaign.  The autumn/winter shoot made a lovely little feature in 'Attire Accessories Magazine' with a front page appearance too. 

To save you all the long version ;) I have updated my recent work page so all the great projects I have been apart of can be viewed here: Clients /Assignments.

Lamb 1887 a/w 14 campaign, front cover feature on Attire Accessories Mag!   

Lamb 1887 a/w 14 campaign, front cover feature on Attire Accessories Mag!


Backstage at Allure Fashion show

Backstage at Allure Fashion show

The beautiful Allure models having fun...

The beautiful Allure models having fun...

Photo shoot in action for Lamb1887's s/s 15 campaign 

Photo shoot in action for Lamb1887's s/s 15 campaign 

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Fresh Minerals


As a true Mac queen and an avid fan, I never thought  the day would come when another Make-up Brand truly rivals Mac in my mind!

Ever since I can remember I have loved Mac for its array of colours, its true staying power and pigment and for been at the forefront of fashion.  

Whenever I find myself in front of the Mac counter I often feel as though I am that child again in a sweet shop, with the truly challenging decision of what to choose next, knowing its all of it I want really!

Now I am not saying for one minute I am discarding my Mac..........


But I am definitely finding fresh minerals a real competitor. Having just completed a three part training course, Debut, Masters and Bridal class in fresh Minerals. I have discovered so many benefits about this make-up. Like Mac it too boasts rich pigment and staying power. 

As a skeptic like many of you probably are about the mineral Make-up....

"What a powder Foundation, Nah! you wont get the same coverage as a liquid" I have now been proven wrong!

Whilst on the course we really got chance to get stuck in and try out the make-up. Its now the only base I will use on a daily basis on my skin. I find once it warms on the skin it gives the finish of a liquid foundation with a radiant glow but has the added benefit of been one of the most natural make-ups you can apply to your skin. 

It stacks high in its list of positives, it doesn't contain toxic ingredients, chemicals, synthetics or harsh binders meaning it allows your skin to breath and doesn't block your pores. It is also beneficial to your skin, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties provided by the titanium and zinc oxide found in this product. Its also certified Vegan and Cruelty Free.

So as you can see it gets a huge thumbs up and I can definitely see it as something thats going to be stacking up next to the Mac in my make-up box.......