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Cracking Studio Shoot

Hey folks here's a few behind the scenes piccie's from yesterdays cracking studio shoot at Leeds City Studios.  I was working with Lamb 1887 for the third time and CJRodgers Photography who never fails to capture a fantastic image as you will see when you scroll down! I think you will be able to spot the absolute stunning beauty shot, funnily enough this was taken as a quick snap at the end by Craig.

It was totally great to work with Lamb 1887 again and Chandni Palmer the artistic director for Lamb, she is completely focused but equally open to our ideas and visions.  The shoot was for their autumn/ winter handbag collection.  Our model was Jazmine Darson from Nemesis Agency, she had gorgeous almond eyes and skin like silk, an utter dream for me as a make-up artist to work on.  

Agnieszka Galat-Bracken was the stylist for the day whipping out an array of elegant lines from beautiful faux furs to clean cut jackets and stylish shirts!

I cant finish this blog with out a mention for Leanne Rodgers, wife and assistant to Craig. Her input is always over and beyond, she is utterly bonkers so always a joy to have around :)

All round great team work :)


Ooooh and saving the best for last......

Ooooh and saving the best for last......



Action Packed weekend

That third glass of wine just went down a little too easy..... Is that wrong for a Monday night, make that Tuesday morning! Perhaps not after my hectic weekend!

So Friday it was nearly a full days shoot with Ched53 - Design & Photography and the two lovelies, Model Camilla-Rose Helley and Stylist Claudia Falcieri Aliffe. The shoot took place in a very beautiful house and I am very much looking forward to seeing the images. 

Then it was a quick pack up and on the motorway for a meeting at the left eye blind office in Leeds for briefing about the character, make-up and story line for film project 2.8 day later which was to be filmed the next day.

Saturday - Filming day - One character to make up (Steve)

Character Profile - A sad, desperate and lonely man. I made the actor look sleep deprived, slightly aged and a little sad. 

It was a location shoot by the canal in Leeds and all the crew were fantastic to work with. Especially Pamala she was a real scream....... behind the scenes pictures to follow!! We even made a new found friend, our very own Mr Jingles. Very cute and I want to say 'she' for some reason seemed to very much enjoy the left over Tuna sandwich.

Can't wait to see the finished film :)

Sunday was face painting at Fairfield Manor in York and I thankfully managed to see the new Twilight Film...... A - MAZ - ING. I aspire to work on such fantastic films..... One day...... :) :)

My bed is now very much calling Zzzzzzzzzz



Zombies and blood.....

The weekend was spent on a location shoot for a zombie film set to be released next year.  Saturday and Sunday were spent making up zombies which also included lots of fake blood been splattered.

Sunday was my favourite location, remote woodland area in the Strines, middle of the night, no phone signal might I add.... perfect setting for a zombie film.

The chip butties seemed to go down a treat at around 12am, enjoyed by cast and crew, very kindly provided by the owner of the Strines paint balling site.

I was petrified when it came to driving home at 2am along the deserted winding country roads...... Arrgghh!!    

Claire Hanson celebrity Hair & Make-up Artist

Claire Hanson celebrity Hair & Make-up Artist has launched her new and fantastic website: 


I am buzzing and very excited about it as it now contains all the M.A.C.H Team members. 

Follow the link to my profile:


I had the opportunity to help out one of my fellow M.A.C.H team members on Saturday, Hair & Make-u Artist Ashleigh Turner.  It was great to get involved with such a good cause, raising money for breast cancer care.  I also made some great contacts with stylist Denise Mac from company Pink Dotty and Joy Clothing which I am looking forward to working with on their VIP event in November.