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Action Packed weekend

That third glass of wine just went down a little too easy..... Is that wrong for a Monday night, make that Tuesday morning! Perhaps not after my hectic weekend!

So Friday it was nearly a full days shoot with Ched53 - Design & Photography and the two lovelies, Model Camilla-Rose Helley and Stylist Claudia Falcieri Aliffe. The shoot took place in a very beautiful house and I am very much looking forward to seeing the images. 

Then it was a quick pack up and on the motorway for a meeting at the left eye blind office in Leeds for briefing about the character, make-up and story line for film project 2.8 day later which was to be filmed the next day.

Saturday - Filming day - One character to make up (Steve)

Character Profile - A sad, desperate and lonely man. I made the actor look sleep deprived, slightly aged and a little sad. 

It was a location shoot by the canal in Leeds and all the crew were fantastic to work with. Especially Pamala she was a real scream....... behind the scenes pictures to follow!! We even made a new found friend, our very own Mr Jingles. Very cute and I want to say 'she' for some reason seemed to very much enjoy the left over Tuna sandwich.

Can't wait to see the finished film :)

Sunday was face painting at Fairfield Manor in York and I thankfully managed to see the new Twilight Film...... A - MAZ - ING. I aspire to work on such fantastic films..... One day...... :) :)

My bed is now very much calling Zzzzzzzzzz



Claire Hanson celebrity Hair & Make-up Artist

Claire Hanson celebrity Hair & Make-up Artist has launched her new and fantastic website: 


I am buzzing and very excited about it as it now contains all the M.A.C.H Team members. 

Follow the link to my profile:

Bank Holiday Weekend

I'm sure by now most of you are in full swing of the bank holiday weekend celebrations! I passed a few, might I say looking a little worse for wear this afternoon around York! Its a cup of tea for me as I best be getting home to pack my kit for a commercial clothing Brand shoot tomorrow..... yes that's right work on bank holiday Monday! Hope you all have fun tonight and the heads aren't too sore in the morning! 

Fresh Minerals


As a true Mac queen and an avid fan, I never thought  the day would come when another Make-up Brand truly rivals Mac in my mind!

Ever since I can remember I have loved Mac for its array of colours, its true staying power and pigment and for been at the forefront of fashion.  

Whenever I find myself in front of the Mac counter I often feel as though I am that child again in a sweet shop, with the truly challenging decision of what to choose next, knowing its all of it I want really!

Now I am not saying for one minute I am discarding my Mac..........


But I am definitely finding fresh minerals a real competitor. Having just completed a three part training course, Debut, Masters and Bridal class in fresh Minerals. I have discovered so many benefits about this make-up. Like Mac it too boasts rich pigment and staying power. 

As a skeptic like many of you probably are about the mineral Make-up....

"What a powder Foundation, Nah! you wont get the same coverage as a liquid" I have now been proven wrong!

Whilst on the course we really got chance to get stuck in and try out the make-up. Its now the only base I will use on a daily basis on my skin. I find once it warms on the skin it gives the finish of a liquid foundation with a radiant glow but has the added benefit of been one of the most natural make-ups you can apply to your skin. 

It stacks high in its list of positives, it doesn't contain toxic ingredients, chemicals, synthetics or harsh binders meaning it allows your skin to breath and doesn't block your pores. It is also beneficial to your skin, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties provided by the titanium and zinc oxide found in this product. Its also certified Vegan and Cruelty Free.

So as you can see it gets a huge thumbs up and I can definitely see it as something thats going to be stacking up next to the Mac in my make-up box....... 


Easter Weekend

Phew...... What a fun but exhausting weekend I have just had!

I have just spent the whole of the Easter weekend face painting at Castle Howard.

I've had a fab time painting an array of faces with the lovely and extremely talented Jude.

We were blessed by the sunshine for most of the weekend, which been in a small markee in an open field in the midst of Castle Howard is most definitely a bonus and a far better way for us to spend it this year in maxi dresses and summer shoes, rather than the wellies and woolie jumpers which we were sporting last year.

The queue was endless for the full four days and so a massive thanks to all the parents for the moral boosts to the two weary face painters.

Bring on more fun times of summer face painting :)

This is Jude's website, definitely worth a look (check out the gallery page)


Sarah's Wedding

I had a fantastic morning on Saturday 12th March. I spent it with Sarah and her Bridal Party preparing them for Sarah's big day. They were all so calm and chilled out and a real joy to be with, I loved every minute of it.

''It was a fantastic day and everything went to plan. All the hair stayed in place on everyone.

After twenty five hours, lots of shape throwing and four hours sleep, my make-up was still in exactly the same place as were my curls. Thank you so much, Sarah and I have been singing your praises far and wide'' Rebecca (Bridesmaid)

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